Help!! Lockdown is lifting……

I’m gearing up for my first night ‘out out’ since December 2019! What to wear bearing in mind I’ll be sitting outside in Edinburgh though…….??? This is just one of the styling dilemmas we’re facing as lockdown lifts.

With the non-essential shops due to open again on April 26th, the temptation to go out and treat ourselves to a new outfit with a little retail therapy is going to be hard to resist for many!

I thought I’d remind you of a few questions to ask yourself before you head out which will help you to choose clothes you love wearing and that you feel absolutely fantastic in, whilst also saving you a whole load of time, money and heartache.


  • which ones make you look at your most radiant?
  • which ones help you feel your very best?
  • do they reflect your personality – i.e. are they ‘you’?
  • which ones will you be able to combine with items you already own?
  • which of those in your palette do you love but are missing in your wardrobe?


  • are your proportions balanced in the way you want? 
  • are you drawing attention to or away from the ‘right’ areas for you?
  • is the fabric/garment construction right for your body shape?
  • do you know the image/silhouette you’re looking to create?
  • does it make you feel great?
  • if you bumped in to …………. (fill in the blank – ex, film star, heart throb, sworn enemy, stylist, etc) would you feel you are looking the absolute best you possibly could?


  • have you already got something very similar (#shopinyourwardrobe, #wearyourwardrobe)?
  • have you looked to your style icons for inspo?
  • have you made a list?
  • if you know which shops you’re heading to, have you had a look online first?
  • will what you are intending to buy go with what you already have or will you have to buy and entire outfit around that one piece?


Your (TOTALLY FREE – NO STRINGS ATTACHED) Wardrobe Online access

This is my wardrobe management and personal shopping platform (which I just can’t recommend highly enough – the feedback from clients is just amazing).  Everyone uses it in different ways – let me guide you through how to make it work for you.

  • catalogue your contents – saves you time and money by avoiding buying duplications
  • remind yourself of the 80% of the contents that you’re probably not wearing 
  • let’s you clearly see where the gaps are and therefore what you actually need 
  • keeps a note of what you’ve worn and when – saves time and money by knowing exactly what to reach for knowing it will work
  • stores pictures of outfits you’ve absolutely loved for quick reference the next time – saves sooooo much time and heartache before you head out

Online Personal Shopping

  • gives us the opportunity for us to have a chat through what you’re looking for and I’ll send you a selection of pieces for you to look at and purchase at your leisure

Online Helpline – 

  • being able to work online makes it so easy for me to give you very quick bits of advice before or after you buy!

Wardrobe Review (online/in person (COVID regulations allowing))

  • let’s work out how you actually want your wardrobe to look and how you want to feel when you go to it and make it happen!

Colour Analysis/Colour Review (online/in person (COVID regulations allowing))

  • discover the colours which work best with your colouring and personality and which make you look and feel fabulous

Style Consultation (online/in person (COVID regulations allowing))

  • Find out which how to make the most of what you’ve got to suit your personality with careful use of fabrics, details, accessories, and prints, etc.