Let’s face it – nearly all of us have at least one part of our bodies that we’re not so keen on and what some see as positives, other see as negatives.  What really matters is how you feel and what makes you feel good.  It’s not for me to tell you how you ‘should’ look, it’s for me to listen to you and help you achieve a style which looks and feels good to you.

One of my clients was keen to distract from her calves, so here are just a couple of my simple suggestions of how to achieve this.



1-John Lewis, Baukjen Abigail Leopard Print Ruffle Skirt – £69. 2-John Lewis, Hobbs Beatrice Pencil Skirt, Jade
reduced from £129 to £89. 3-John Lewis, NRBY Tabby Linen Skirt, Brilliant Blue £110.

As the slip and ruffle skirts kicks out at the bottom due to the wider hemline, it draws the eye outward, creating a wider circumference so the legs look narrower.  Even though the length of the blue skirt covers most of the lower leg, the principle is the same for shorter skirts too.  

The silhouette of the pencil skirt is designed to give a much narrower hemline.  As you see on this example, the eye is drawn right in to the lower leg and therefore highlights the area.  The legs take up much more space in the skirt and can make the calves look bigger.


1-Boden, Relaxed Bootcut Trouser – Very Berry Pink reduced from £99 to £65.50. 2-Boden, Skinny Jeans – Mid Vintage £65.

The bootcut leaves everything to the imagination and creates a silhouette which draws the eye out, whereas the skinny jeans really don’t!


An old one, but a favourite – by matching your hemline to your hosiery and shoes, there’s no break in colour so the eye sees continuity and streamlining, so the attention doesn’t go there.

For more ideas of how to dress for your peace of mind, who not book in now for a Style Consultation.