Full Image Makeover Services – Lindsay Kirkwood

  • Duration: 300 min
  • Price: £480 Weekdays / £500 Saturdays
  • Includes: A personal 42 colour fabric swatch wallet and styling notes

'Don’t make fashion own you. You decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way you live.'

Gianni Versace

'How This Can Help You'

  • when you find out what is special about YOU, you can dress for success, every time
  • acquire the tools and confidence to create your own personal style and image
  • know your colour, make-up and clothing styles to help you understand what suits you from top to toe
  • to arm yourself with the tools and the confidence to create your own personal style, shop wisely and start building a wardrobe you can really enjoy, every day

'How It Works'

A premier service for that combines the following core services:

  • Colour Analysis – look younger, healthier and more vibrant by discovering the colours that best complement your colouring as  well as how to wear them
  • Style Consultation – find out the best styles and fabrics for your body shape, proportions, lifestyle and personality
  • Make-Up Lesson – discover your best colours and update your make-up looks and techniques

'When Should You Do This?'

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