Personal Shopping – Lindsay Kirkwood

  • Duration: 120+ min
  • Price: £80 per hour (min 2 hrs) Mon - Fri plus travel (for existing Colour and Style clients)

'Whoever said money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping.'

Bo Derek

'How This Can Help You'

What is a personal shopper and how can I assist you:

  • the happiness of shopping ends after you’ve hung up your purchases.
  • you seldom, if ever, wear what you’ve bought.
  • you want to try different shops but don’t have the time or energy to work out which ones.
  • you spend hours standing in front of the mirror in the changing room not knowing if you like or suit what you are trying on, hoping that someone else will give you their opinion.
  • when you find something you think you like, you buy it in every colour.
  • you just hate shopping or end up in the same shops all the time.
  • you are overwhelmed by the choice out there and therefore have no idea where to start.
  • get an expert, unbiased opinion.
  • to save time.
  • to save money.
  • to look good and feel fabulous.

'How It Works'

  • find specific pieces (clothing, accessories, etc) for a special occasion regardless of budget.
  • explore different shops and see things from an alternative perspective, even if it’s just for accessories!

'When Should You Do This?'

  • any time with our personal shopper online, available to everyone in the UK.
  • great to do after your Wardrobe Review.
  • you have a new job
  • a milestone birthday is coming up
  • a major life event occurs
  • weight loss/gain
  • in need of new pictures for social media


For clients who have not already had a Colour Analysis/Colour Review and Style Consultation, please contact me via email ( or phone (07543 763168) to discuss further.



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Please Note: It is recommended that 2 hours be required for personal shopping, please contact me if you would like to arrange more time to be added to the appointment at further cost.