Help!! Lockdown is lifting……

I’m gearing up for my first night ‘out out’ since December 2019! What to wear bearing in mind I’ll be sitting outside in Edinburgh though…….??? This is just one of the styling dilemmas we’re facing as lockdown lifts.

With the

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Dressaday 2 love clothes


  • Living in your comfies / pjs / loungewear?
  • Got a wardrobe full of lovely clothes which are never seeing the light of day?
  • Want an excuse to dress up?

Join me next week for #DRESSADAY!

This second lockdown isn’t half …

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Facing Up To Face Masks

Face masks are now our new normal, and regardless of the style and colour that you choose, first and foremost, we must remember that they exist to keep us safe.  That said, I have been asked for advice on many
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