Party Season Panic?

It’s that time of year when your diary is beginning to fill up, but you’re already worrying about what you’ll wear over the Christmas season. Getting ready for parties should be fun and wearing the right outfit will give you confidence and put you in a more festive mood.

One thing to remember, you are not alone – there aren’t very many people who cruise through this time of year without some degree of angst over choosing the right outfits. Before you start to plan things, it’s worth asking yourself a few questions ;

How often do you:

  • Open your wardrobe and feel overwhelmed by having lots of clothes, but nothing to wear?
  • Keep buying the same things, because you’re scared to try something new?
  • Put on exactly the same make-up day after day after day?
  • Feel that your appearance doesn’t reflect who you really are?

The more you understand your body shape, your colour palette and your own individual style, it’s easier to choose clothes and accessories that are right for you. Outfits that will increase your confidence and give you that extra sparkle. On a practical level, you also won’t keep making mistakes and wasting money on the wrong choices.

What impression do you want to give?

Scientifically, we make judgements about a person based on their appearance alone in under 1 second. Stand in front of a mirror and take a look at your body language.

  • Are you standing confidently or are you tugging at your clothing and crossing your arms?
  • Do the clothes you wear reflect who you are?




Take an honest look at your body shape

Very few people are able to take an objective look at their body shape. Women especially, are critical of themselves and don’t see their good points.

  • Are your clothes showing you at your best – or are you just hiding your body?

Do you know what colours suit you?

Most people wear colours they like rather than what suits them, and many choose black as a ‘safe’ option.

  • Do your colours make you look brighter and more vibrant or are you choosing colours that are draining and make you look older?

Do you know what outfits work well on you?

Everyone has an outfit that they love, work out why it makes you feel good, and do the same with one you don’t wear. Then try to understand why.

  • Is it the fabric, the pattern, style, fit or colour that you love/hate?

My business is all about working with individuals to capture the real them – via clothes. My clients are a huge variety of ages, and span all cultures, personalities, styles and budgets.  I am professionally trained and qualified to Advanced Level in Style and Colour by leading international image consultancy ‘Colour Me Beautiful’ and am also an active member of FIPI (Federation of Image Professionals International).

My Services include:

In each case, I can help with fun, cost effective advice on how to dress to suit your shape and personality, understand colours that work for you and how to apply make-up that enhances your natural looks.

It’s my job to help you look and feel great. And whilst that’s important when there are lots of parties on, remember a great look is not just for Christmas!

To find out more get in touch I really look forward to helping you.



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